In the beginning God Created the heavens and Earth Genesis 1:1
And then some where later down the line he created Fancher Creek Packing.

Fancher Creek Packing operates as a citrus packing facility where we process and ship quality produce.

As a generational company, we are able to preserve and expand upon the core values that are foundational to our operations: prioritize our growers, provide efficient packing operations, and work cohesively to achieve premium produce.


We are grower focused. As growers ourselves we operate with the intention of treating growers with respect and consideration.


By cooperating with growers, packers, and shippers,
we work hard to ensure that fresh, healthy citrus
can be enjoyed around the world.


Fancher Creek Packing has a strong history of valued service in the citrus industry, and it is a priority that our company is a trusted source for citrus produce both locally and globally.